HTC Magic – Part 1 – Unboxing and initial impressions

I’m going to do this in a few parts: Unboxing and initial impressions My first app for the HTC Magic Any updates to the impressions after my Vodacom sim card starts working Review after a week On Friday morning I finally got the call that the phone had arrived at Vodashop Rivonia, unfortunately my HTC […]

Java Dates from a n00b point of view

After spotting that seemingly 90% of the methods on the Date class were deprecated, I started getting worried.  Then when new Date().getYear() started giving me odd numbers like 109 instead of 2009.  I started thinking “Wow! Those Sun developers must have been on some strong drugs when they designed this language!” So a bit more […]

Android, Eclipse and Java – First Experiences

After bitching about the lack of good tutorials last time, I found that I’d actually been looking at Android 1.1 tutorials and trying to run them on Android 1.5. Now that 1.5 is out (well, it was released quite a while ago, but I’ve only recently started using it in earnest) I’ve re-read the tutorials […]

Beauty and the Beast

In the past few weeks I’ve been playing around with Silverlight, WCF, ADO.Net Entities, and more recently some Java based in Eclipse and the Android SDK. The Microsoft Side Starting with Silverlight, I have had some frustrations with how “klunky” the interaction with designing UI’s is. Silly things like adding a tooltip with a number […]