Data Access Layers

At my previous company we created a “data access layer” above all data access layers.  One guy mainly built and maintained our templates for generating code.  Another guy build complicated views for retrieving and updating data which applied business logic, etc.  The database became a repository for metadata about the system.  From then on, the […]

ARG’s, Innovation and Evocation

I’ve always been particularly intrigued by ARG’s (Alternative Reality Games), and having just watched Jane McGonigal’s TED talk on “Gaming can make a better world”, I checked out her new game “Evoke” For those who don’t know, she’s done I Love Bees, World Without Oil, and The Lost Ring to name just a few of […]

Android App Review – Layar

App Name Layar Price Free Website App Availability Android Market or the Developer version at     This is one of the apps with really cool possibilities.  You can overlay any geographic information on the augmented reality display.  There are layers for Wikipedia, Qype, Google’s “Local Search”, Flickr, Hotels, Mazda dealerships, Brightkite, Twitter, […]

Android devices to get Flash 10 beta in October!

Just read a tweet from @DevDroid linking to a post by TalkAndroid entitled “Adobe Flash Player 10 For Android Due In October”.  I haven’t listened to the entire talk from Adobe but here’s the quote from their slideshow: Flash Player 10 for smartphone-class devices to be made available in beta at MAX conference in October  […]

Getting Android Apps without the Android Market

A “smartphone” without applications isn’t a SMART phone, its just a phone.  I know I’ve complained about the lack of the Android Market in South Africa.  Apparently the guy at Google in South Africa who’s responsible for the Android Market has said that it’s coming soon. (I didn’t get a response to my email to […]