Server Farm: “64bits good 32bits baaaaaad”

It seems that not all processors are equal, but at least the other 1/2 of the Animal Farm slogan holds true – “but some are more equal than others.” I just read a post by Matt Davey about the MSN Messenger Server Farm where he quotes from Paul’s WinHEC 2005 blog: “ 250 32bit processor servers ==> 25 […]

VS 2005 Beta 2 on 25th April

I just read about the “Beta Experience” for VS 2005 from Fabrice Marguerie’s blog: What can you expect from the Beta Experience? Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2 Team Foundation Server Beta 2 WeFly247 training DVD SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition Community Technology Preview The Beta Experience newsletter (6-weekly, terminated with the launch of […]