Talk, new Motherboard, The Apprentice and memory for my phone

Well, the talk to the JHB group of SA Developer.Net was really cool.  I’m not sure if I showed them much new stuff at all… I’d have loved to have some eval forms or something to figure out how everyone found the depth.  I kept alternating between thinking that I was rushing and thinking that it was […]

Re: SADeveloper.Net Retrospective

So this morning Kevin asked for comments, and here are mine. 1) What is right with & 2) What is wrong with It exists. 2) It doesn’t meet everyone’s needs so people are complaining. 🙂 But seriously, have you thought about it for a bit?  Its a vehicle of the community.  If its […]

iMate SP3 tip/trick

I’ve been frustrated that my SP3 doesn’t disconnect from GPRS properly.  Aparently Windows Mobile 2002 introduced the feature that GPRS would remain connected to save time but they introduced a GPRS “inactivity disconnect” feature so that if GPRS wasn’t used for X seconds it would disconnect automatically. Before I upgraded the software to, the GPRS […]

VS 2005 Beta 2 on 25th April

I just read about the “Beta Experience” for VS 2005 from Fabrice Marguerie’s blog: What can you expect from the Beta Experience? Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2 Team Foundation Server Beta 2 WeFly247 training DVD SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition Community Technology Preview The Beta Experience newsletter (6-weekly, terminated with the launch of […]