Free “Quake” like game

I’m not sure where I found the link but its cool so I’m posting it.  Sometime on Thursday/Friday I found a link to Cube.  Its an open source/free “Quake” like game.  If you’re going to install it on a windows machine, go to Quadropolis and download the Win32 Installer.

Its pretty easy to setup and run.  It was aparently designed to let you play fairly well even when you have high pings.  I was playing farily well on the weekend with pings of around 500ms.  There seems to be one regular SA based server as well.  I’ll try leave mine running when I’m not at work so other’s can join.  I’ll be the server with the WBS machine name. (They look up the DNS name from the IP address of the machine)  Try it out. 🙂

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