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Here’s something that I’ve played with before… A while ago I had a friend who could talk to me via MSN, and could connect to my PC directly but he couldn’t get to website X but I could get to website X.  So his ISP had problems getting him there, but no problems getting him to me and my ISP had no problems getting me to X and no problems getting to him.

At that point I wanted to setup some kinda proxy type thing on my PC and then let him use that to browse to the server he was looking for.  Now with Tor (from EFF) you could kinda do that.  I read about it from a Wired News article called “Tor Torches Online Tracking“.  It looks really cool, you connect to a server near you (or any server) encrypting your data with a key and it passes you on to a random server (encrypting your data with a key another key) and that server passes you to another random server (encrypting your data with yet another key) which finally goes and gets the data you were requestion.  This aparently works not just for web traffic but other traffic too. (Unfortunately its a bit slow so file sharing/p2p apps wouldn’t work so well)  But that’s pretty cool!

Best of all its FREE!  Check it out!

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