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Ok, so this blog comes out of some selfish motives…  I found out what book is being given away at today’s SA Developer user group meeting in JHB.  Its one that I’d really like to read, but I’m probably going to be very late and even if I did somehow know the right answers I probably won’t win it anyway. (The question they ask is usually related to the talk, so if I miss a bit of it I might not know the answer when the question is asked)

So… That got me thinking.  I have books that I’ve not read, or books that I’ve read an age ago but haven’t read in the past while.  I’m sure that other developers are pretty similar.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pool our book resources… then any of the developers in my area could see that I have “Writing Secure Code 2nd Edition”, and one of the Microsoft “Patterns and Practices” books sitting at home, and if they wanted to read one of them, I could lend the book to them.  And if I saw that someone had a book on writing code for the .Net Compact Framework (which I do want to read about since I just got a nifty smartphone) I could ask them if I could borrow it.

Then I remembered a site I heard about an AGE ago that did exactly this… I joined but it had very few south african’s so it wasn’t much use.  But what if the SA Developer User Groups joined and put up their personal libraries to be shared.  Since most of us either know or know of most of the other SA Developers it would be a fairly low risk loan process.  So here’s the idea… if you’re keen on sharing DVD’s/Books/Music check out MediaChest!  They already have groups for Johannesburg and Pretoria/Centurion.  (Currently there are 2 people sharing in each group – me and one other guy who I’ve never met) But if we could get the SA Developer User Group to use it, we could have a great set of Developer resources, and non-developer resources too!

What do you think?

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