I got a new phone…

I’ve been a bit too lazy to post about my phone.  Its one of them new fangled Scoblephone look-a-likes.  (I’m not sure who started calling it a scoblephone, but a google search for “Scoblephone” returns 166 hits.)

iMateMy variation is the iMate SP3 (Which is sold in SA via LeafWireless).  I got it from NashuaMobile, and its free on the MTN ProCall 120 and higher.  Its pretty darned awesome!

What’s uber cool is that I can write apps for it using the .Net Compact Framework, and Microsoft have a bunch of Tips/How To/Help on the phone over here.

Unfortunately, I haven’t quite gotten all the right SDK’s and other stuff installed on my PC yet, so I haven’t written my own app yet.  (I tried running an app I “wrote” and I got a “NotSupportedException” thrown back at me – the app was just the default SmartClient project, with a button on it that changed its label.)  But I did upgrade its OS – iMate’s support site had a new version of the OS that included a Java runtime, and fixed one or two bugs.

The phone is only meant to have 2 games on it (Jawbreaker and Solitaire) but it came with about 9 games. (My wife loves them) So I was a bit worried that when I upgraded the ROM I’d lose the games.  However, iMate have a 2nd Update that says something about Games and Ringtones and right at the end of the blurb it says something like “For South African phones only”… That update is called something like “MTN_SA_V33….”, and it includes all the Games that MTN pre-install, and all the various settings for MTN. (Although it did manage to setup my MMS incorrectly – all my MMS’s were trying to be sent via the wrong connection and so they were failing to send)  I’m pretty impressed with MTN because while I was searching to try and find the games, I found the game developer’s website and the games that MTN included for free would have cost me over R200 to buy on my own!  Thank you MTN! 😀

iMate also have a couple of freebie games you can download, and thanks to some foresight of my own, I took advantage of Handango‘s special at the end of last year where they gave away a free app each week, so I got some extra games and some useful apps.  I then did a search for a particular WAV file that I wanted to use for my new e-mail alert (Its the Monty Python/Holy Grail sound clip where the guy gets shot by an arrow that has a message attached to it and you hear “<sfx of arrow hitting something> … Message for you sir”) and I found a whole bunch of cool message alerts.  So I now have Lt Worf announcing “Captain… incoming transmission” when I get an SMS, the default AOL “You’ve got mail” for Voicemail messages, Monty Python’s clip for e-mail, and a guy yelling “WOOO HOOO!” for when I get an MSN IM. My whole office now knows that I have a cool new phone! 😉

ActiveSync is amazing too! Its just so easy to setup and to keep all the contacts/appointments in sync is a breeze.  And if all that wasn’t great enough, they included a copy of Outlook 2002 so that I can install it on my home PC and have my phone sync with that.

I have Office 97 at home – I’ve had no reason to upgrade since then.  Outlook 97 is not supported by ActiveSync, and I refuse to use it beacause its a piece of junk even when compared to the current version of Outlook Express, and Thunderbird kicks Outlook 97’s ass so I use Thunderbird instead.  But now I might actually move back to Outlook since I’ve got a copy of Outlook 2002 for “free”.

Oh, and check out André’s blog entry “Time to Upgrade my phone“… I wish I could justify getting the ProCall 300 contract (Its just too expensive, and I’d be wasting about 100 minutes a month) – coz I’d have LOOOOOOVED to get the iMate JAM.  (I’ve 1/2 written a post about “Tech Lust”, which I started last week some time, I hope I’ll have the time to finish it soon coz the idea has been bouncing around in my head for a few weeks and I’m getting kinda sick and tired of having to clean up after it ;-))

One thought on “I got a new phone…

  1. The i-mates are pretty nifty. I bought the JAM when it was released and I love it. Got all the PDA functionality I need and it’s small enough to use as a first phone.

    I was looking at the SP3 as well. Looks like a very cool phone!

    The Club i-mate site is also pretty cool, full of useful stuff.

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