Moving and weekend update…

Sean Baumann deserves some “respect”.  Without him Matthew (and his cousin Roland), and I would not have moved 1/2 the stuff we did on Saturday.  Matt and I started with a small load of Roland’s to their Matt, Bryan and Roland’s place in Sunninghill, while Sean packed most of my stuff from his place into his car… Then we went off to my storage spot and collected a whole bunch of big items, boxes, and miscellaneous stuff and unpacked at my place. 

William joined us and he, Matt and I went to get a bed from Bryan, a desk from my cousin, and my bed.  Then was the big task, we fetched most of the furniture from Matt and Roland’s place.  (If Sean hadn’t supervised the packing we’d literally have taken about 1/4 of what we ended up taking)

My new home

I’d not seen what is now Christie and my new home (well, mine for the next 2 weeks, she moves in after we’re married on the 13th of March) so when I saw it, I was pleasantly suprised.  Its a SummerCon complex called “Chobe Sands”.  I’ve lived in one of their “African Lodge” style complexes 6 months ago, which was built about a year before Chobe, so I pretty much knew what to expect.  But I didn’t know where the unit was located, how the rest of the development was run, or any improvements that they may have made to Chobe that were not present in Savannah Sands.

Its a single bed unit with loft, and the lady who owns the unit extended the loft to cover 95% of the “upstairs space”, normally they only cover about 50%, and the rest is left open so you have a double volume area downstairs.  The unit looks over a nice garden just over the complex wall, and on the other side it looks over one of the 3(?) entertainment areas in the complex.  Its one of the “small entertainment areas”, but its pool is almost the same size as the “big pool” at Savannah sands, it has a large grass/garden area, much better braai facilities and a pool table. ๐Ÿ™‚

The unit has a much better bathroom, and the thatch roof is done so that you have much more space upstairs and on the upstairs balcony than you have at Savannah Sands.  On Saturday evening we went to the club house, and WOW!  The place is awesome, it has 4 pool tables, a huge pool, a dart board, on of those soccer game things, an awesome looking bar, NICE couches to sit and chill in, a DVD library where you can rent DVD’s, a HUGE menu, and I have yet to see the sunset from the huge entertainment area upstairs. (and a bonus is that they’ll deliver to your unit in the complex)

I also noticed that they have an ethernet plug point in the unit, so I’m guessing they’ve got the complex connected to the net – I must find out what that costs per month, it could be awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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